Abusive Video Every Parent Needs To Show Their Kids

This video is one that will make you have faith in humanity again. Its a video that every parent should, I mean, needs to show their child.



The video begins with introducing a few boys. An interviewer ask about their ages and their dreams in life. After a few questions, a beautiful girl joins in and the little boys are stunned by her beauty. The interviewer then asks them what they like about her and continue on by asking the boys if they would caress her. Each boy shyly touches the girl, following the directions of the inteinterview. The interview was going well until the interviewer asked the boys to do a bone chilling command. He tells them to slap her. To hurt this beautiful girl. They turn to the camera with a look of shock on their face. They look backs and forth towards the camera and girl. All the boys object and give such amazing heartwarming reasons. One said that girls should never be hit by a flower of a bouquet of roses. Another states that he is a man. Thousands of women are abused everyday and they believe that it makes them manly. These boys are the ones who truly know that its bad to hit a girl or anyone for that matter. Every year I do a marathon that supports the women who are being abused. Every year I see women who were abused in their life. Its nice to see a video like this of boys who refuse to hit a girl. They are the true men. They are our future and hopefully they can help change our future and try and stop the abuse of women and men around the world.

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